Transiting the Panama Canal

Underway Toward the Atlantic Bridge (under construction)
The Panama Canal.  An amazing feat of human accomplishment when it was constructed and even today.   I remember hearing about it as a child in elementary school - along with some rudimentary information about how it worked  - with a locks and man made lake.  Filed it into the human memory bank as a place that sounded interesting and maybe I would get a chance to see it some day but that's about it.  Fast forward 30 some years to 2015 and we were at at the visitor center at the Miraflores locks l...
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8 Days and 1200 Nautical Miles to Panama

Crew: Left to Right - Rudy, Colin, Nels, Dougal
It’s been a whirlwind 3 weeks or so since we left Florida for Panama to when I started actually trying to update our blog - it will likely be posted even later than that. A summary: Meeting crew, a seven day passage, crew leaving, crew arriving, ten days of waiting to transit the canal, fixing things on the boat, and now Cassidy and Dougal are finally free of crew and staged in Panama City to head out on the beginning of the trip north towards Mexico. So time do catch up on writing. Dougal is w...
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Sea Magazine Article

We finally got a decent high speed internet connection in Costa Rica so we should be posting some updates to this blog over the next couple of days.  We made it to Panama from Florida, through the canal, and are now moving back up the Pacific side towards mexico. This is just a short post with a link to an article that Sea Magazine compiled from posts in this blog about our trip to Alaska last summer. We new that they were working on something but didn't realized it was published already until ...
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2 Weeks in Florida - Boat Projects, Checklists, and More Boat Projects

Ata Marie on the dock in St. Peterberg, FL
After spending a couple of weeks in Florida getting familiar with the new boat, moving our gear from the Nordhavn 40 on board, and working to prep the boat for our seemingly imminent trip to Panama, everyone is back in San Diego for the week. Before we get into some of the details of our prep - a little bit of more information about the new boat. Cassidy was adamant that the new boat not be named after her. 'It's too much stress' said the 8 year old. Respecting her wishes, we had a new name pic...
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A Preview of Our "New" Vessel

Ties to the dock in St. Petersburg, Florida
The last few months we have included a lot of research, a trip to mexico to see a really cool ocean crossing catamaran, a couple of failed offers on a boat that we were very interested (a Nordhavn 47), and finally ending up with us being owners of an awesome boat that is somewhat of a departure for us - it has a sailing rig. We don't have ANY experience sailing! But we will learn and the good thing is that we can run the boat in the interim without becoming experts at handling the sails. The bo...
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And She's Gone

Contents of Locker 1
It's been months since we've posted anything to this blog but we have hit a couple of big milestones in boat ownership over the past couple of weeks.  There's an old cliche about buying and selling boats that goes something like this:  'The best two days of a boat owner's life are the day he buys the boat and the day he sells the boat'.  Well within 2 weeks we've had both of those days.   The sale of our Nordhavn 40, M/V Cassidy officially closed a couple of weeks ago - and we've officially take...
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Cushman, Lisa 10/8/2019

I see that your old vessel, Cassidy is back up for sale?  We are from Tenakee Springs and see that you have taken her there in the past.  I am wondering if you would do it again?  Would you take it up and down the coast to Alaska?  And would you circumnavigate with her?  Thanks, Lisa

---Reply posted by - Ata Marie, Cassidy's Sailing Trawler on 10/8/2019


To answer your questions - yes to all of them.  The N40 is a super solid boat and very economical to operate.  We would have continued to cruise on Cassidy if we had not sold her and moved to different boat.  There are definitely things that we like better about our 56 - she doesn't pound into head seas like the N40 did but the 40 is more than capable of both going up and down the west coast to Alaska and back.  We also would have attempted to circumnavigate in her without hesitation.


hpais66 10/5/2019


Thanks a lot for your postings, and videos, I’ve been following MV Cassidy’s adventures and now Atta Marie. You’re a truly inspiring person, and admirable in your intentions. Wish you guys succeed and keep gifting us with the awesome videos and writings of your adventures.

I live in Redmond, WA, and I hope In a few years me and my wife will undertake a similar route. Perhaps we will start living aboard ar Portage Bay in Seattle before venturing outside Puget Sound. Nevertheless know that you are an inspiration.

Good luck with your journey and please keep writing. Thanks. 


Pope, Lyle 8/24/2019

Glad to see that you are still Blogging and hopefully making some new videos.  Was worried that you had to decided to not blog or YouTube with the radio silence that followed the last video.

ceherro 8/7/2019

It's great to "hear" from you! Thank you for the narrative and photos. You made the canal portion of your travels really come alive. It (the canal) was and still is an incredible accomplishment. You are missed at the club and are often the topic of conversation. David Dury and I enjoy your posts immensely. You have obviously made a successful transition from boating to sailing. Take care.

Chuck and Edie

---Reply posted by - Ata Marie, Cassidy's Sailing Trawler on 8/7/2019

Thanks for the note Chuck!  Say hi to everyone from us.  I started writing this post months ago while we were still in Costa Rica and just finally got around to finishing up and posting photos.  Needless to say, we have a backlog of writing to do to catch up to where we actually are today....