Current Blog Article: A Preview of Our "New" Vessel


Is the new name going to be C2

 zip01960  3/18/2019


I can not wait to come visit - I know I make it all about me!

The laundry - amazing - I don’t have laundry in New York!

 Christie, Sam  3/3/2019


New vessel looks terrific. Motorsailers are very underappreciated -- if you combine sailing with a low-power boost from the engine  it is a very efficient, comfortable, effective way to rack up sea miles.

 jsschieff  3/3/2019


Looks fabulous. As much an adventure your first 5000 miles was this boat (Cassidy II ?) should give you many times that in even greater comfort and safety.

Very best


 denewell  3/3/2019


Awesome choice. I have no doubt it will be the perfect yacht for you and it will take you many MANY miles, congratulations.

 glenp1955  3/3/2019


Ata Marie is a beautiful vessel. You'll make wonderful life memories with her, I have no doubt.


 daho_sez  3/2/2019


This is killer, I'm happy for your family.  Adventure waiting.  Enjoy your ship of fools!

 Ammon , Rick   3/2/2019


---Reply posted by Cassidy, MV on 3/2/2019

Thanks Rick!