Pope, Lyle 8/24/2019

Glad to see that you are still Blogging and hopefully making some new videos.  Was worried that you had to decided to not blog or YouTube with the radio silence that followed the last video.

ceherro 8/7/2019

It's great to "hear" from you! Thank you for the narrative and photos. You made the canal portion of your travels really come alive. It (the canal) was and still is an incredible accomplishment. You are missed at the club and are often the topic of conversation. David Dury and I enjoy your posts immensely. You have obviously made a successful transition from boating to sailing. Take care.

Chuck and Edie

---Reply posted by - Ata Marie, Cassidy's Sailing Trawler on 8/7/2019

Thanks for the note Chuck!  Say hi to everyone from us.  I started writing this post months ago while we were still in Costa Rica and just finally got around to finishing up and posting photos.  Needless to say, we have a backlog of writing to do to catch up to where we actually are today....